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Meet Shanan

CheekyTart Design was officially launched during the summer of 2012. Founded by Shanan Vasquez, CheekyTart had been functioning informally since 2005 when Shanan helped out the very first of her friends that got married. Since then, she has accumulated several wedding invitation opportunities under her belt, including her own. Her art director background for a graphic design company has helped to fuel her passion for beautiful designs and gorgeous paper. CheekyTart Design is your one stop for a wedded affair!

CheekyTart the Name

CheekyTart was born on a beach in the Russian River. Shanan had been trying to find a name since deciding that she would like to do more wedding invitations. After a round of brainstorming, she came up with Tart. The definition of the word (not necessarily a good meaning) is "to dress up or make fancy". Cheeky was in the same boat, it's meaning is "someone who does something or says something disrespectful and sometimes rude, but says it in a cunning way". Shanan likes to think combining the two makes the definition "cheek·y (adj) tart (n): fancy, impertinently bold, & saucy".

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